Bill Donohue comments on the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence confirming Betsy DeVos as the new secretary of education:

Betsy DeVos proved to be victorious despite the mass phone calls that were well orchestrated against her.

It would be instructive to learn how many poor blacks flooded the phone lines demanding that they not be given the same choice afforded rich people, namely the right to send their children to a private school. It would be astonishing if even one did so.

If the Ku Klux Klan were to devise a plan to keep poor blacks in poverty, they could do no better than to lead the fight against school choice. But they don’t have to lift a finger—the teachers unions and the education establishment are doing the job for them.

While the motivations may be different, the outcome is the same: All of these people have one thing in common—keeping poor blacks in their place. Betsy DeVos hopes to break their stranglehold, which is why she is so feared.

Congratulations to Secretary DeVos and Vice President Pence.

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