Tonight, Comedy Central will air a special by Denis Leary, “Merry F#%$in’ Christmas” (it first aired two nights ago and is scheduled to air again on Dec. 17).  The show consists of several skits, a cartoon and musical performances.

There is a skit about lesbian nuns, and a song by “Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering Church Choir” about a hooker.  But by far the most offensive part of the show is the monologue by Denis Leary on the origins of Christmas.  Here is part of what he says:

“Merry Christmas.  Tonight we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, whose mom, Mary, just happens to be a virgin—even after she apparently gave birth to Jesus.  At least that is what the Catholic Church would have you believe.

“Tom Cruise is taking a lot of s— for belonging to a religion, Scientology, that believes aliens came to this planet 75 million years ago.  That is nothing.  I was raised Catholic.  We believe Mary was a virgin and Jesus ended up walking on water, creating a bottomless jug of wine and rising from the dead.  Oh, yeah, and Tom Cruise is crazy.

“Listen, Christmas is built on a line of bulls—.  Do I believe there was a baby Jesus?  You bet your ass I do.  But I believe that nine months before he was born someone sure as s— banged the hell out of his mom.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“I am asking Catholic League members, and friends of the Catholic League, to e-mail Doug Herzog, the president of Comedy Central, requesting that he nix the Dec. 17thshowing of this vile special, and any future showings that might be planned.  He can be contacted at

 “Hate speech dressed in humorous garb is still hate speech.  Leary is obviously bedeviled by some disorder, but nothing excuses this crap.”

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