On November 12, several Democratic congressmen will join American Muslim leaders in holding a Ramadan iftar, or fast breaking dinner, in the House Judiciary Committee Hearing Room.  According to a news release by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, “The Capitol Hill iftar will include breaking of the fast with water and dates, the call to prayer (adhan), the Islamic sunset prayer (maghrib), an ecumenical prayer by a Muslim religious leader, and remarks by the congressional hosts.” (Emphasis added.)

Catholic League president William Donohue couldn’t wait to sound off:

“Practicing Catholic aspirants to the federal bench like Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor are denied a vote by Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing room, but their colleagues in the House can stage a prayer fest with Muslims in the House Judiciary Committee Room.  Anyone who sings ‘Silent Night’ next month in a public school is likely to be either reprimanded or arrested, and allowing kids to utter the dreaded words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance is deemed so threatening to our freedoms that the U.S. Supreme Court must intervene.  But our elected officials—the very ones who promote censorship of religious speech for Christians—are now going to pray with Muslims in the Rayburn House Office Building.

“Needless to say, the Catholic League has no problem with public celebrations of Ramadan, and we certainly wish Muslims well.  No, our problem is with these hypocritical public officials—the way things are going we may soon need an affirmative action program for Christians so they can catch up with their newly arrived Islamic brothers.”

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