Now that Congress is back in session, there are indications that the Catholic League’s complaint against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will be taken seriously.  Catholic League president William Donohue addressed this issue today:

“A member of the staff of Representative Tom Lantos (D-CA) called last week to inform us that the congressman was making the Catholic League’s complaint against the DNC a ‘priority.’  Last month I wrote to all the Democrats in the House and Senate asking that they act on our complaint.  At issue is the DNC’s tacit endorsement of an anti-Catholic organization, Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC).

“The home page of the DNC has a ‘links’ section where it lists organizations of interest to Democrats.  The ‘Catholic’ section and the ‘Pro-Choice’ section both list CFFC.  The Catholic League, while it is pro-life, does not object to the DNC’s decision to list a ‘Pro-Choice’ section in its ‘links.’  The league’s objection to listing CFFC—anywhere in the DNC’s ‘links’ section—has to do with CFFC director Frances Kissling’s professed goal of ‘overthrowing’ the Catholic Church.  To forge an alliance with such a group is a slap in the face to all Catholics.

“For four consecutive weeks, beginning the week of September 15, the Catholic League will run ads in major Catholic and secular publications alerting Catholics to the DNC’s association with Kissling.  We are urging all Catholics to contact the DNC and register their outrage.  This issue is a top priority for the Catholic League.  We commend Rep. Lantos (who is not Catholic) for his leadership on this matter and we look forward to other Democrats joining his efforts to get the DNC to drop its affiliation with an anti-Catholic organization.”

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