Congresssional Democrats have introduced a resolution condemning Bob Jones University for its anti-Catholicism and other forms of bigotry. William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, commented on this move today:

“It was the Democrats who gave us Dr. Jocelyn Elders in 1993 as Surgeon General and it was the Democrats who gave us James Hormel as the Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1999.

“When she was nominated, Elders was on record for having made several anti-Catholic statements. For example, in 1992, she commented, ‘Look at who’s fighting the pro-choice movement: a celibate, male-dominated Church….’ In the same year, she said ‘the first 400 years black people had their freedom aborted, and the Church said nothing. The way of life for the Native American was aborted; the Church was silent. We attempted to eradicate a whole race of people through the Holocaust, and the Church was silent….’

“In 1996, in San Francisco, Hormel laughed approvingly at the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as they mocked nuns in the Gay Pride Parade; he did so while doing commentary for KOFY-TV. When given an opportunity to repudiate his behavior, he refused to do so.

“But now the same gang that gave us Jocelyn Elders and James Hormel say they’ve discovered anti-Catholicism because of the Bob Jones fiasco. They must all be wearing deep boots these days.”

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