The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is continuing its effort to elect Gerald Connolly of Northern Virginia to the House by funding mailings that portray his Republican challenger, Keith Fimian, as anti-woman. The latest mailings accuse Fimian of being “an officer of an organization that promotes a group so extreme they encourage women to be more submissive.” The DCCC is referring to Legatus, a Catholic group of CEOs founded to bring their faith-based values to the workplace; Fimian belongs to Legatus.

Catholic League president responded as follows:

“In today’s Washington Post, I am correctly quoted as accusing the DCCC of lying about Keith Fimian. The lie is that Legatus does not promote any group. Like many other groups, it has a ‘Links’ section on its website that lists various sister organizations; as is customary, Legatus makes it clear that it does not necessarily endorse everything said on these outlets. The website that the DCCC is referring to in its latest attack is a Christian group called e5 Men; the biblical reference to women cited in the DCCC’s ad was taken out of context so as to embarrass Fimian.

“In the Catholic League’s news release of September 2, I did not hold Gerald Connolly responsible for these smears against Fimian, but I did request that he denounce the anti-Catholic bigotry that these ads sponsor.  He has not done so, even though he is the direct beneficiary of these attacks.

“Because the DCCC is continuing with its bigotry, lies and smears, I am calling upon the head of the DCCC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to intervene and immediately stop these scurrilous ads. She is already in enough trouble with her own bishop, as well as many others, for misrepresenting the Church’s teaching on abortion. Thus, it would behoove her to put a stop to all these anti-Catholic efforts before everything blows up in the face of the Democratic Party.”

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