After deleting Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) from the “links” section of its website, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has reestablished its relationship by adding CFFC to its “Religious Affiliated” section.  Catholic League president William Donohue addressed this latest move by the DNC today:

“Someone at the DNC isn’t too bright.  Now they’ve really created a hornet’s nest for themselves.  First they delete Frances Kissling’s Catholics for a Free Choice from their website and now they put her back up.  There’s obviously a fight going on at the DNC over this and for now the Kissling forces have won.  But they won’t win in the long run.

“The Catholic League will now enlist the support of scores of allied organizations.  We will contact our friends in many circles and will not limit our coalition to Catholic institutions.  There are millions of Catholic Democrats who abhor the anti-Catholicism that Kissling represents and there are millions of other Democrats who detest all expressions of bigotry.  They will not be too pleased to learn that the DNC is insulting Roman Catholics by toying with them.

“Had the DNC simply left CFFC on its website, it would have been preferable to its latest gambit.  Had there been no change, we certainly would have continued our campaign against the DNC, but now we are more emboldened than ever before.  Now we’ll drop the hammer on them.  The clock is still running and this is one game the Catholic League is determined to win in overtime.”

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