On the home page of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) website, democrats.org, there is a link to organizations of interest.  Last week, under the “Catholic” heading, there was one group listed, Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC).  After syndicated columnist Mark Shields mentioned this as his “Outrage of the Week” on last weekend’s edition of the CNN show “The Capital Gang,” the DNC added another Catholic source to its “Catholic” listing: catholic-USA.com.

Catholic League president William Donohue spoke to this matter today:

“I have written to DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe imploring him to ‘act quickly and decisively by removing Catholics for a Free Choice from the DNC’s links of interest organizations.’  The very fact that this group was the only Catholic listing on its website until this week is mind-boggling: it suggests that the DNC believes its Catholic base is led by Frances Kissling.  That it added a legitimate Catholic website to its listing only complicates Mr. McAuliffe’s problem: if CFFC were an authentic Catholic group, it would have been named in the umbrella Catholic source, catholic-USA.com (e.g., there are scores of bona-fide Catholic groups posted there, including the Catholic League).  Ergo, the DNC knows CFFC is bogus yet continues to provide cover for it.

“It is flatly wrong to tag CFFC as merely a ‘pro-choice’ group of ex-Catholics.  Kissling has openly admitted that it is her goal to ‘overthrow’ the Catholic Church.  That is why she works so hard to subvert the Church by attempting to get the Holy See kicked out of the U.N.  Twice the U.S. bishops have condemned CFFC as a fraud, yet the DNC amazingly gives legitimacy to this anti-Catholic front group.

“If the DNC thinks the Catholic League gave George W. Bush a hard time over speaking at Bob Jones University, it hasn’t seen anything yet.  Bob Jones is small potatoes next to Kissling’s hate group.”

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