Catholic League president William Donohue released the following comments today on ticket sales for “The Passion of the Christ”:

“On p. 2 of the current edition of our monthly journal, Catalyst, we invite Catholic League members to buy advance tickets to ‘The Passion of the Christ.’  We bought 1200 tickets and are subsidizing the cost, charging only $5 a piece.  In two days we were sold out.  Now we are buying thousands more.*

“People are calling all day long, beginning as soon as I arrive in the office.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Many thanks to the ad hoc committee of Catholic and Jewish theologians who blasted the movie after reading a stolen copy of the script, as well as to the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and all the other critics who have given the film such unprecedented publicity.  Their motives may be ignoble, but the consequences of their action are nonetheless meritorious.  We surely won’t forget them.”

* The Catholic League purchased the tickets mentioned above to meet the overwhelming requests the league has already received; new orders for tickets should be placed through

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