While some Catholics are spinning out of control over cases of sexual abuse committed by the dead and the laicized, MTV presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Jennifer Lopez on August 21. No one from the media, and certainly no finger-pointing Catholic, questioned why there is an award named after an accused child abuser.

Actress and director Asia Argento, who was one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape, was exposed for paying $380,000 to a minor she sexually assaulted after she outed Weinstein.

No one is calling for an investigation of Hollywood perverts, even though over 400 Hollywood executives and employees have been named for sexual misconduct in the past year-and-a-half. That’s over 100 more than the number of Pennsylvania priests implicated in sexual abuse over the past 70 years.

Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, is accused of sexually abusing six women; his investigation is still on-going. Earlier this month, he showed up at a press conference, but before he spoke the media were informed that only questions on second-quarter financial results would be entertained. The press dutifully complied.

It’s back-to-school time, and that means more kids will be sexually molested. Fortunately for the public school teachers, they will be protected by their union chiefs. More important, no one will call for a grand jury investigation.

This, of course, means nothing to those Catholic purists who want massive probes of every diocese in the nation, and are now demanding that every bishop in the nation should step down. Why? Because of predatory priests long dead or long thrown out of the priesthood.

Whatever happened to “get the guilty” and “protect the innocent”? Calls for collective purges—which include mostly innocent bishops—are unjust. Indeed, they are un-Christian.

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