Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s monologue by David Spade on Comedy Central:

Even David Spade’s fans branded him as low-class when he refused to show at Chris Farley’s funeral; the two actors had done movies together. But being low class is who Spade is. He proved that last October when he lashed out at homosexual priests—depicting all priests as molesters—and he did so again last night.

“A priest got 60 days in jail—he was bubble wrapping a boy and then locking him in a closet. When asked for a comment the priest said, ‘So we get in trouble when you don’t molest them now?'”

[Note: Molesting boys is what they do in Hollywood. Molesting adolescents is what homosexual priests did.]

Comedy Central specializes in attacking Catholicism. One person who surely knows why is Jake Urbanski, vice president for communications at the station.


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