Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on last night’s episode of the ABC show, “Boston Legal”:

“The show featured a 15 year-old girl who is enrolled in an abstinence-only sex education program, contracts HIV and then sues her school, blaming it for her condition. At the trial, the school’s principal, the girl’s attorneys and the judge all tout the virtues of condoms, fingering Christian activists—who else?—for her irresponsibility.

“This is surreal. A half-century ago, sex education, condoms and sexually transmitted diseases were all uncommon. Since that time, students have learned the art of putting condoms on cucumbers, and have been introduced to sexual techniques that are as deviant as they are injurious. The results of which are illegitimacy and AIDS. But this is obviously over the head of ‘Boston Legal’ producer David E. Kelley, Tinseltown’s ace bigot.

“Kelley has long hated Catholicism. That is why he finished his number last night ridiculing a nun in habit (it’s always nuns in habit whom the Hollywood gang likes to slam). The nun is portrayed translating the words of a Mexican immigrant charged with cockfighting. Referring to the rooster as a ‘champion cock,’ she comments how ‘it would bring me such joy to hold him.’ Then, to the astonishment of the court, the sister says, ‘To hold that beautiful cock in my own two hands.’

“Were it not for people like Kelley, millions of Americans would not hold Hollywood in contempt. It is the Kelleys of this world who purposely craft a libertine milieu—one which inexorably leads to spiritual, psychological and physical death—only to perversely blame Catholics for the fruits of their labor. Sadly, they will go to their deathbeds never having figured it out. That’s why they need to read the Catholic Catechism before it’s too late.”

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