When we learned that a national activist organization was marketing some anti-Catholic books and videos, we took action. But because it seemed out of character for the organization to be doing so, we did so without making a public statement. We’re glad we did because reason prevailed and the objectionable material has been dumped.
      The organization we are speaking of is Concerned Women for America (CWA). A pro-life group, CWA has done some fine work over the years. On their website they list literally hundreds of books and videos, thus it would not be impossible for some not-so-kosher stuff to get listed. This was the case with works by Dave Hunt.
      Dave Hunt is a popular author among that segment of the Protestant community that still thinks Catholics really aren’t Christian. One of his latest masterpieces is “America, Israel & Islam,” a video that purports to be a documentary about the events of 9-11. In reality, the tape is little more than vintage anti-Catholic rhetoric.
      After our complaint was investigated, Hunt’s works were nixed. We are grateful to CWA for their responsible decision and wish them all the best, especially in their pro-life efforts.
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