Bill Donohue comments on today’s front-page story in the New York Daily News:

The Daily News stooped to a new low yesterday when it assigned reporters to interview the faithful as they exited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and other Catholic churches in New York City; they were asked about proposed changes in the statute of limitations for offenses involving the sexual abuse of minors.

There were no reporters assigned to a synagogue over the weekend, even though Orthodox Jews are united with Catholics in opposing the “look-back” provision of some bills that would allow alleged victims to bring a lawsuit for offenses that occurred decades ago.

Why the discrimination? Why were only Catholics badgered as they left a service? This blatant expression of religious bias is of a piece with a lot of reporting by the Daily News lately—it has been on a tear against the Catholic Church.

The Daily News literally created a “news story” by staging this event. Were the Catholics they interviewed told that most of the bills only cover private institutions? Were they told that Assemblywoman Margaret Markey once included the public schools in a bill—that was in 2009—and that the public school establishment went bonkers?

Were they told that kids raped by public school teachers as recently as February would have no right to file a lawsuit because the 90-day clock has expired? But a kid groped in a Catholic school or a yeshiva could sue for an offense that allegedly occurred when JFK was president?

Were they told that in the entire nation last year, the percentage of the Catholic clergy that had a credible accusation made against him for sexually abusing a minor in the past year was 0.01?

The Daily News has crossed the line. This isn’t journalism—it’s a hit job.

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