Washington D.C. councilman Jim Graham has written to Catholic League president William Donohue asking that he “share my concern about the disparaging remarks made by the Pope” during the recent World Gay Pride event in Rome.  Though he was not specific, in an op-ed piece last Sunday in the Washington Post, Graham wrote, “the pope attacked gays as ‘disordered,’ saying that homosexual acts are ‘contrary to natural law.’”

Graham then baited Donohue by saying, “as an organization committed to ‘civil rights,’ I hope the Catholic League cares at least to some extent about the rights and welfare of gay people….”  He then said of the pope’s remarks, “I shudder to think of the number of gay people worldwide who will be injured and discriminated against due to these comments.”

Donohue’s response is as follows:

“Jim Graham keeps digging himself in deeper.  First he shows utter contempt for diversity by backing an attempt to ram a health care plan down the throats of Catholics, then he whips up classic anti-Catholic fears by urging his colleagues in the D.C. Council not to ‘[defer] to Rome,’ and now he intentionally misrepresents what the pope has said so he can bait the Catholic League into joining him in his Catholic-bashing campaign.

“At the close of a typically vulgar gay pride parade in Rome, the pope simply quoted from the Catholic Catechism what has been a long standing teaching of the Church regarding homosexuality.  The pope did not attack gays as ‘disordered,’ rather he said the homosexual ‘inclination’ is disordered, a position that is consistent with the teaching that homosexual acts are ‘contrary to the natural law.’  The pope then said that homosexuals ‘must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity.’

“One more thing: if Graham is really concerned about injury to gays, he ought to admonish them to practice sexual restraint.  It saves lives better than any condom ever will.”

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