Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on what former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo had to say yesterday about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts:

“Mario Cuomo said yesterday on ‘Meet the Press’ that he wants senators to ask John Roberts the following questions: ‘Are you going to impose a religious test on the Constitution?  Are you going to say that because the pope says this or the Church says that, you will do it no matter what?’

“Now if a non-Catholic had suggested such questions, he would quickly be branded a Catholic basher.  But it should be no more excusable for a Catholic to raise such questions.  For Cuomo to float the idea that John Roberts might be a Vatican robot is as shameless as it is anti-Catholic.  By doing so, he not only provides fodder to the enemies of the Catholic Church, he further discredits his credentials as a Catholic spokesman.”

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