Bill Donohue comments on an article posted yesterday by Crux:

Margery Eagan has a long history of ripping the Catholic Church, but her latest salvo shows how utterly unhinged she has become. Her article, “The Church’s Sexual Abuse Crisis is Not Over,” is posted on Crux, a website that reports on Catholic news.

Eagan is delighted that the movie “Spotlight,” which opens Friday, will keep the scandal in the news. [For my analysis of this issue, click here.] She lobs many bombs, her biggest being, “This crisis is not over. Children are not yet safe.”

Her evidence? She offers one anecdote from the U.S. and a few from other countries. That’s it. That’s all she has. Never does she deal with the fact that in the last 10 years exactly 8.4 credible accusations were made against an average of 40,000 priests in any given year.

If this is evidence of a crisis, what would Eagan call it when over 100 Orthodox Jewish rabbis from one New York City borough—Brooklyn—have been brought up on child rape charges in recent years? What would she call it when public school teachers and coaches are regularly being arrested for molesting minors? To top it off, the rabbis instruct their people not to report these crimes to the policethey have their own courts! And molesting teachers are routinely assigned to administrative tasks for years before finally being dismissed; many keep their pensions.

Eagan, and many on the Catholic left, want the public to believe that their children are in danger of being molested by a priest. This is sheer fear-mongering, the kind of demagoguery that feeds anti-Catholicism. Every honest student of this subject knows that the heyday of the homosexual crisis was 1965-1985. It is therefore dishonest to argue that Catholic kids are still not safe. They are safer in Catholic schools than they are just about anywhere. The “crisis” is in Eagan’s head.


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