Chris+D+Elia+zjJnHPFk5bxmFrom midnight to 1:00 a.m., December 7, Comedy Central aired a one-hour special, “Chris D’Elia: White Male: Black Comic”; it was part of a two-hour performance recorded last month (the show is being released on CD and DVD tomorrow by Comedy Central Records).

Bill Donohue comments as follows:

The D’Elia special featured a 13-minute segment that treated viewers to one of the most offensive anti-Christian attacks ever to be shown on TV; it made a deliberate effort to offend Catholics. Here’s a sample:

Speaking of Jesus, D’Elia said, “No way—he died for us so that we could all live? Awesome. He hung himself on the cross for that many days….”

Speaking of Catholic churches, D’Elia said, “There’s people on the stain glass windows with thorns around their head, they’re bleeding from the thorns, crying out of their eyeballs, their clothes are all ripped….”

Speaking of the Eucharist, D’Elia said, “They make you eat a guy’s body and you don’t even think about it. You’re just lining up—’I got to eat a guy’s body, yeah I got to eat a guy’s body man’….If this isn’t creepy enough, there’s a guy down there, you can drink his blood….”

The corporate hubris of Viacom, the parent company of Comedy Central, is astonishing. It brags on its website how they “develop original, authentic content for distinct audiences including the Millennial Generation, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, LGBT viewers, the American heartland and more.” If they had any guts, they would tell their shareholders that America’s heartland doesn’t include the nearly 80 percent of Americans who are Christian. But cowardice stops them from acting on their bigotry.

Contact Carl Folta, Executive VP, Corporate Communications, Viacom:

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