Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on criminalizing speech in the United Kingdom:

A sexually confused teenage English boy, Jackie Green, now 25, decided when he was 15 to “transition” to a girl. Never mind that this is impossible—Jackie still possesses a Y chromosome and will never menstruate—he is now the subject of a big debate in London.

The reason this bizarre issue is in the news is because a journalist, Caroline Farrow, referred to him as a him and not a she. For this violation, Farrow has now been summoned to appear before the police and could wind up in prison.

This all began last September when Farrow appeared on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” with Susie Green, mother of the sexually confused boy, Jackie. They debated whether it is appropriate to tell the parents of a sexually confused child whether their child has “transitioned.” Green is an advocate for the sexually confused and defends keeping the parents in the dark. Farrow disagrees.

After the debate, Farrow wrote a few tweets wherein she referred to Jackie as a him and not a she. Susie Green quickly filed a formal complaint with the police under the Malicious Communications Act, a hate crimes statute.

After a six-month-long investigation, Farrow was notified on March 18 to attend a police interview. If found guilty, she could be sent to the slammer for two years.

Consider the context of this madness. Britain is currently witnessing a knife crime epidemic—thousands of knives were surrendered just today as part of a national amnesty—yet the cops have time to become the language police.

Farrow is a Catholic mother of five. One might think she has a right—this is after all, home to the Magna Carta—to free speech. But that is now debatable.

Farrow and her family have been subjected to incredible abuse, much of it obscene, including published photos of her children. All of this is happening because she referred to a sexually confused boy, who thinks he is a girl, as a boy.

It is just a matter of time before this kind of lunacy hits our shores. The intolerance that marks the radical elements in the LGBT community is stunning, and much of it is aimed at people of faith.

Maybe some journalist will ask the U.S. presidential candidates what they think about criminalizing the speech of practicing Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Mormons. Should they be allowed to voice the correct pronoun when discussing the sexually confused? Or should they be punished for doing so?

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