March 11-12

Waukesha, WI – The $10,000 statue of St. William at St. William Catholic Church in Waukesha was vandalized when it was pushed off its pedestal sometime during the night. The head of the five-foot-statue was knocked off by the force of the fall, and the front of the statue was chipped and scratched. This was not the first time the statue, a gift to the church, had been damaged. Previously, the fingers had been damaged and the head removed, but the damage was reparable. This time the statue was beyond repair.

July 18

Fairfax County, VA – A statue of St. Francis of Assisi was spray-painted at the Catholic Church of the Nativity of Our Lord in Burke. Satanic symbols and references were found on the property.

October 13

Eugene, OR – St. Mary’s Church was victimized by the theft of a statue of the Blessed Virgin. The statue was later returned.

December 28

New York, NY – In two separate incidents, St. Agnes Church in New York City had parts of its crèche stolen. The Baby Jesus and His wooden crib were taken as well as the statues of Mary, Joseph and an angel.

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