We will soon be publishing our annual report on anti-Catholicism. In it will appear several cartoons we found to be among the most offensive in 1995. Not included will be a despicable cartoon by Steven DeCinzo, a cartoonist for Metro Newspapers. When asked for permission to reprint his cartoon, DeCinzo refused. What he wrote, however, was even more important than his cartoon as it demonstrates the depth of bigotry against the Catholic Church.

DeCinzo believes that the Catholic Church is “out of control” deserves whatever criticisms it gets. He charges that he “cannot tell the difference between your Church and Washington D.C. anymore. You are both known to molest young boys. You are both embroiled in real estate scandals. You are both known to not pay your fair share in taxes. You both lie.”

DeCinzo closed his memo by saying, “No. You may not reproduce my cartoon. If you do, I will take great pleasure in suing you.”

That last paragraph led Dr. Donohue to respond with a memo of his own. Here it is.

Thanks so much for your memo. Though we will not reprint your thoughtful cartoon (by the way, why are you ashamed of your work?), please be advised that we will reprint your memo. Indeed we will use it as Exhibit A the next time we are asked whether there is anti-Catholic bigotry in the media. And I will be certain to hold it up on TV as an illustration of your work.

We don’t need your permission for any of this. So you lose.

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