An array of persons not affiliated with the Archdiocese of San Francisco have joined some parishioners to wage war on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. At issue is a proposed contract for teachers at the four archdiocesan high schools. It seeks to assure fidelity to Church teachings.

Dissident Catholic organizations such as Call to Action, Dignity, and Catholics for Choice were among the first to condemn the archbishop. All three reject Church teachings, especially on sexual issues, and have been criticized by many bishops; the latter has been condemned twice by the bishops’ conference.

Showing nothing but contempt for the First Amendment, lawmakers from Sacramento and San Francisco injected themselves into the dispute. The internal affairs of the archdiocese is none of their business. The media, led by the San Francisco Chronicle, predictably took the side of Cordileone’s critics.

Joining the fray is Sam Singer, the self-described “half Catholic, half Jewish” public relations giant who has been accused of having a problem with the truth. He falsely claimed that Cordileone was going to “purge gay, lesbian and pro-choice teachers.” He also called on Pope Francis to have him removed.

Catholics also worked against the archbishop. The University of San Francisco, a Jesuit-run school, hosted a forum for those opposed to Cordileone. Speaking at the event was the former head of the archdiocese’s Catholic Charities and a lawyer from a radical pro-abortion group. The National Catholic Reporter allowed San Francisco’s elected city attorney space to criticize the archbishop. Their input led many staff and teachers to protest the faculty handbook.

The Catholic League is proud to stand up to these activists (see pp. 4-7) and defend Archbishop Cordileone. This well-orchestrated attack would never have gotten off the ground had it not been for those who are wholly unaffiliated with the archdiocese. As such, it represents one of the most brazen attempts by Catholic dissidents and Catholic haters to manipulate public opinion against the Catholic Church.

Some of the accusations that have been made are so totally untrue that those making them either did not read the relevant documents or decided to ignore their plain wording. Demagoguery abounds. Make no mistake about it, this is a despicable campaign launched against a loyal son of the Church, Archbishop Cordileone.

It is particularly galling to read statements made by lawmakers bragging how San Francisco is known all over the world for its tolerance. It is nothing of the sort. To wit: the Catholic League, represented by the Thomas More Law Center, once sued the city for its religious hostility to Catholics.

This fight isn’t over. Bet on it.

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