Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on why two Catholic schools are embroiled in controversy:

A student at a Catholic school in Greenwich, Connecticut showed her support for Planned Parenthood by posting one of its stickers on her laptop. She was told to remove it.

A teacher at a Catholic school in Miami was fired following news that she “married” her girlfriend.

In both cases, the media went wild, creating controversy where there wasn’t any. In the case of the former story, even the outgoing president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, chimed in, offering kudos to the girl.

The Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion maintain that life begins at conception. Therefore, elective abortion is immoral. Planned Parenthood is the leader of the pro-abortion industry in the United States. To support it is to support abortion.

The Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage do not recognize a union between two people of the same sex as a marriage. Teachers who choose to work at a Catholic school typically sign a contract, as the lesbian teacher at the Miami school did, saying they will uphold Church teachings.

What is troubling about these cases—there are many of them across the nation—is the contempt that some in the media, and some activists, have for respecting the First Amendment rights of Catholic institutions to practice their teachings.

If the Greenwich school sanctioned a student for posting a racist sticker on her laptop, there would be no news. If the Miami teacher was fired for living with two spouses, there would be no news. But because the major media are rabid supporters of abortion and homosexual marriage, both of these “news” items got big play.

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