Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the Omnibus spending bill signed by President Trump:

On March 23, President Trump reluctantly signed the Omnibus spending bill, noting that while the military will receive much needed funds, there is still too much wasteful spending.

For example, last month his budget proposal called for the National Endowment for the Arts to “begin shutting down.” He authorized $29 million for the agency. But the Congress rejected his proposal and wound up awarding it $152.8 million.

The NEA, as we have pointed out, is still awarding grants to groups that promote anti-Christian fare. Knowing that the Congress does not take this matter seriously, we have called upon President Trump to name a morally responsible person to chair the NEA; the current chairman’s tenure is up in June.

If the NEA is going to continue to receive funding, at least it should be led by someone who will not tolerate offering grants to those who delight in mocking Christianity. We hope President Trump moves on this matter soon and chooses the right person for this job.

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