Mass-ConfusionBill Donohue comments on growing confusion over the Synod of Bishops Interim Report:

Catholics from all walks of life have contacted us seeking clarity over the proceedings of the Synod of Bishops. Here are some key points.

  • Media coverage has focused heavily on remarks made about homosexuals, though in the daily Vatican briefings that preceded the release of the report on Monday there was almost no mention of gays. Indeed, there was only one major speech on this subject out of a total of 265.
  • The interim report was not approved by the synod or the pope.
  • Almost none of the bishops were even asked to approve the report.
  • The report was leaked to the media behind the back of the bishops.
  • Three of the 191 synod fathers, or 1.6 percent of the entire body, were mostly responsible for the report. Six new members have since been added to prepare the final report.
  • As soon as the report was leaked, it was criticized by 41 bishops.
  • Criticisms focused on the failure to support traditional Church teachings, the heightened set of false expectations, and the moral confusion the interim report has engendered.
  • On October 16, the ten working groups of bishops will present their amendments to the report.
  • The final report of this synod will be issued October 18.
  • That report will be the basis of discussion over the next year when the synod meets again in October 2015.
  • Following next year’s meeting, the pope will present his thoughts on the completed document.

Reality Check: No matter what happens, most Catholics who long ago decided to bolt are not sitting on deck waiting to suit up again. It is nonetheless amusing to witness how many angry Rosie O’Donnell Catholics are acting out these days.

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