A decision has been made not to erect a “Condom Christmas tree” in New York’s Central Park. Levi Strauss had petitioned the Makkos Organization, a private company that operates the park’s Wollman Center, for the right to put a huge Christmas tree, adorned with condoms, in an area near the park’s ice skating rink. That request has now been denied.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, greeted the news this way:

“The decision not to allow the ‘condom Christmas tree’ was the only ethical way out of this mess. It is difficult to congratulate the decision-maker as everyone associated with this incident has gone mute.

“As for Levi Strauss, it remains to be seen how bold it wants to be. Common decency is not an attribute in large supply at the company, so this story may not be over yet. But for right now, the Catholic League is delighted with the decision to spike their lousy tree.”

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