The comments below were found on the blogs of the Nation, the New Republic and NARAL following the death of Dr. George Tiller. All comments appear in their original form:

“Are you people kidding? The fetuses that Dr. Tiller aborted were going to be born without faces, or without a central nervous system. They were already dead and the mother was suffering for toxicity and shock. They were wanted pregnancies that would kill the mother or which would die almost immediately at birth.”

“I am often amazed at how the ‘Pro life’ movement can even say they are pro life with a straight face. Most of them care nothing about life as you as I know it. They are all about imposing their stilted religious beliefs upon the rest of us in the form of laws. When I start seeing them adopt homeless street children from foreign countries, adopting children in this country, start caring about life outside the womb and start taking starvation and homelessness serious. I might actually change my mind about them. But, until that day happens their movement is misnamed. They aren’t ‘pro life’ they are religious nuts who are stooping to terrorism as a means to an end.”

“If Dr. Tiller’s murder is due to his pro choice stance, hopefully anyone still on the fence about this issue will see what the other side is really like. They clearly don’t have respect for life.”

“To think that people who support the actions of the person who killed this fine man call themselves ‘pro life!’ What is ‘pro life’ about shooting a person in cold blood? Do these same ‘pro life’ persons, also, decry the needless war in Iraq, or the death penalty, or the over 30,000 people killed each year by GUNS?”

“From where I sit in my apartment, I know of at least a dozen children on ‘my’ block that would have been better off aborted instead of ‘alive’ and being abused as they are now. They have little or NO chance at a decent future and will more than likely only grow old enough to produce more unfortunates to abuse as that is about all they know.”

“This just pushes me farther and farther away from organized religion and belief in a ‘Big Daddy’ God.”

“This murder is no different from the drownings of witches at Salem or the Taliban’s crashing into the World Trade Center. It is the result of religous vitriol–fundamentalist teachings that cause fear and hatred and incite violence in the name of God.”

“Those who have chosen the slogan ‘right to life’ have made a mockery of the precious essence of human life.”

“Forcing your beliefs on others is terrorism and not what we’re supposed to be about in this Country.”

“I am shocked, enraged, outraged over the violence in the hearts, minds, and actions of ‘evengelical christian pro-life’ fanatics.”

“I’m Saddened by this violent senseless act by a weak and thoughtless individual sickened by the goofs and kooks who espouse hatred daily from the pulpits of our so called love connections the Christian church and many other religous organizations. These people are only happy when they can force their outdated beliefs on other weak individuals, true hypocrites to the core.”

“Such events are a result of the religious right and their hateful ways that provoke these attacks. The leaders of the religious right want things like this to happen so they can progress their anti-separation of church and state / anti-gay rights / anti-women’s rights agenda. Disgusting. Truly disgusting. The extremists of the religious right? I view them no differently than I view the Taliban. Any and every American who cares about human rights, gay rights and women’s rights must protest these hateful bigots. They are a threat to our national security in the same way that foreign terrorists are.”

“These right wing a-holes, and the government do NOT belong in my uterus, & they have NO business with what goes on in my uterus. Only I control what happens in my uterus, & a doctor who has been in my uterus, goes in there, & does things with my consent. And THAT is between me, & my doctor!”

“The murder in Kansas shows how insane and intolerant prolifers are. Hopefully they have undone themselves with the general public with such a disgusting act…”

“We are hearing a lot about this ‘heinous crime’ or this ‘barbarous’ act in the mass media. We must now, finally, begin calling these acts what they are. They are religously inspired acts of Christian Terrorism. They are carried out by the most extreme zealots of the Christian Taliban in America. They are enabled by any and all of the mass media and the churches in this land who claim that abortion is ‘murder’. ‘Faith’ is a necessary (though not sufficient) cause of opposition to abortion, gay marraige, birth control, physician-assisted suicide, etc. Acts of violence against those who participate in any of these things are acts of Christian Terrorism. Christians who actually follow the teachings of their Saviour must understand and clearly face the reality that these acts are motivated by and committed on behalf of an extreme variant of their faith based on THEIR BIBLE.”

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