Bill Donohue comments on last night’s episode of “This is Not Happening”:

Comedy Central featured yet another anti-Catholic bigot, comedian Joey Diaz, who went on a foul rant describing his retaliation against a nun who he claims used to hit him when he attended Catholic school.

“I grabbed her by the veil, ’cause that’s where all the magic powers are right? [laughter]. I grabbed her by the [bleep] veil, and I’m like don’t you ever [bleep] hit me again you [bleep] sucker! I hate you!”

Diaz then jokes about how he physically assaulted the nun:

“I just grabbed her. I kept bangin’ her [bleep] head. I don’t give a [bleep] you [bleep]. I know a lot of you mother [bleep] be like ‘Joe, you can’t hit a woman.’ She’s a [bleep] nun. Big [bleep] difference. She don’t suck no [bleep], they don’t take it in the [bleep], these mother [bleep] are angry, all right?”

Looks like dumping Doug Herzog means there will be no changes at Comedy Central—they have a nasty habit of replacing one dirtbag with another.

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