Comedy Central re-ran the “South Park” episode “Bloody Mary” on August 2. Comedy Central officials had previously said the episode would not air again.

On December 29, 2005, we received a phone call from Tony Fox, the executive vice president for corporate communications at Comedy Central, informing us that there were no plans to rerun “Bloody Mary.” Fox’s call followed a sustained protest by the Catholic League that resulted in getting Joe Califano, a member of Viacom’s board of directors (Viacom owns MTV, and Comedy Central is a subsidiary of MTV), to intervene in this matter; unfortunately, Califano is no longer on Viacom’s board. But Comedy Central decided to renege on its promise.

Those who work at Comedy Central are cowards: to this day, they refuse to air a mere picture of the prophet Muhammad. That’s because they know that if they do, some Muslims may kill them. Nice lesson they’re sending the rest of us.

The “Bloody Mary” episode was written, produced and distributed by men and women who were sober and have a long track record of attacking Christians. It’s interesting that the episode aired the same week that some were calling for people in Hollywood to refuse to work with Mel Gibson. It’s revealing that Gibson’s drunken, anti-Semitic remarks had many in Hollywood up in arms, yet a well thought out, anti-Catholic episode of “South Park” failed to raise an eyebrow. While anti-Semitic remarks should not be tolerated, neither should an anti-Catholic television show.

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