keith-ccBill Donohue comments on Comedy Central’s show, “Kevin Hart Presents: Keith Robinson Back of the Bus Funny,” which aired February 21:

This live stand-up premier was trimmed, for programming purposes, to an hour, which means the filthy attack on priests was considered too important not to make the cut. Produced by Kevin Hart, comedian Keith Robinson introduced his tirade by stating how easily offended people have become these days to what others say.

“Even criminals have the nerve to be sensitive about what the hell you say to them. Pedophiles don’t want to be called pedophiles. They want to be called priests.”

The audience responded with nervous laughter. “That was a delicious joke. I don’t give a damn about what nobody say [his illiteracy], that was a delicious joke.”

Robinson then attacked someone who didn’t clap, wondering “What the hell is your problem?” He then asks, “Are you Catholic, sir? Did a priest ever get to you? Put some baby oil on your feet so you couldn’t run in the marble hall?”

We don’t keep track of how many times comedians featured on Comedy Central attack rabbis or imams, but we doubt it happens often. Jews are respected, Muslims are feared, and Catholics are hated—not just on Comedy Central, but in the entertainment industry in general.

Why are Catholics hated? Because of Catholicism’s ethic of sexual reticence. Ironically, it’s the show-business crowd that loves the Roman Polanskis, the Michael Jacksons, the Woody Allens, and many other pedophiles.

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