imgBill Donohue comments on last night’s episode of the Comedy Central show “@Midnight”:

“Jesus Christ Superstardust” was the name of the game where contestants had to guess if the person pictured was a hot priest, or an unemployed actor working at a restaurant. In the first round, they were asked to guess if the depicted person was a “servant of God or a server of french fries.”

Host Chris Hardwick: “The priests were taken from the 2014 hot priest calendar which features 12 actual Vatican priests sexy enough to be a Mister January through December. GLORY HOLE-LELUJAH!” [For the unacquainted, a “glory hole” is a hole in the wall of a men’s bathroom stall where homosexuals insert their penis, hoping for oral sex.]

In the second round, the show’s performers took a gratuitous shot at Jesus; they also played their anti-Semitic card. Jeff Ross, one of the contestants, said, “I’m not even gay and I want to nail him like Jesus to the cross.” To which Hardwick replies, “Listen, don’t worry, Jeff is a Jew—he did nail Jesus to the cross.”

We’re not sure who is watching Comedy Central at midnight on weekdays. No matter, it would take a really twisted individual to get a kick out of last night’s show.

As usual, when it comes to bashing a religion, the corporate boys and girls at Comedy Central steer clear of offending Muslims. We all know why.

Contact Steve Albani, Senior VP for Communications at Comedy Central:

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