Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s “The Jim Jefferies Show”:

Last night on “The Jim Jefferies Show” the host used the fire that devastated the landmark Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last April to launch an anti-Catholic diatribe.

On his “Unpopular Opinions” segment, Jefferies offered, “I don’t care about Notre Dame burning down.” When 67 percent of his audience agreed with that sentiment, Jefferies ranted, “Who gave a f*** that some pedophile temple burned to the ground. Churches are s***. They take up too much real estate in the center of the city.”

He followed that with, “If God didn’t care enough to stop the fire, why should I care? The Church can afford to lose their old s*** in a fire.”

Why would someone show such hatred for innocent persons? It’s not hard to figure out: Jefferies is an atheist. To be sure, not all atheists are haters, but many of those in public life are. It is a backhanded compliment that they aim most of their venom at the Catholic Church. If the Church were just another player on the world scene, it would be ignored.

Jefferies fits in with Comedy Central, home to bigots and second-class comedians.

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