This is the article that appeared in the April 2024 edition of Catalyst, our monthly journal. The date that prints out reflects the day that it was uploaded to our website. For a more accurate date of when the article was first published, check out the news release, here.

We are witnessing the greatest exploitation of children and women in recent times, and it is being driven by politicians, educators, therapists, and doctors, all of whom falsely claim to be on their side. The problem is transgenderism, the pernicious ideology that maintains that there are more than two sexes and that they are interchangeable.

This issue of Catalyst has several articles on this subject. We are taking our case to government officials, the medical profession and the media.

Children are having their sex changed without parental consent. The same teacher that is barred from giving students an Advil are allowed to aid and abet their physical transitioning to the opposite sex. If the parents object, the state can take their children away from them. It’s already being done in some states.

Girls have always been expected to compete against girls in sports, but now boys can compete against them, effectively eviscerating their rights. All the boy has to do is claim he is a girl and bingo—he can join the girls’ team and shower alongside of them.

When a Christian male heterosexual engages in misconduct, it makes the news. When a girl who “transitioned” to a boy commits a violent crime, a cover up ensues. This is what happened in Houston after a girl named Genesse switched her sex, adopted the name Jeffrey, and started shooting in Joel Osteen’s church. But the authorities quickly put the kibosh on the records, essentially covering for the transman. Bill Donohue asked the Houston mayor to release the records.

Young people who transition to the other sex—most of them are girls—often regret their decision. Unfortunately, not a few therapists and doctors jump at the chance to “gender affirm” them. There’s big bucks to be had. But few are willing to help them “detransition” back to their nature-determined sex. Worse, those who do choose this route are bullied and stigmatized for doing so.

Pope Francis has condemned gender ideology many times, and so have the U.S. bishops. As for the Catholic League, this has become the number-one civil rights issue of our time. Children and women are being abused physically and psychologically, and the perpetrators are not some strange-looking sexual deviant—they are the elite in the fields of education and medicine.

We will continue to issue reports, write letters to the authorities and professionals, address radio and TV audiences, grant interviews, and conduct ad campaigns, all with the goal of stopping this demonic form of child abuse.

There is some good news. There are signs that transgenderism is peaking. But the most resistant remain the most well-educated persons in America.

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