On May 10, the Columbus Dispatch published an ad by WBNS TV that was blatantly unfair. There was a picture of a woman with her hands folded in a prayer-like fashion, draped with rosary beads. In large letters, the following inscription ran above and below the picture: “We Found Sexual Discrimination In The Most Unlikely Of Places. Church.” In smaller letters, it was written that “For many, the Church is the center of their lives. But for some women of the Catholic faith, their foundation is being rocked…rocked by doctrine that dictates their very lives.”

The Catholic Diocese of Columbus and the Catholic League wrote to both the newspaper and the radio station. Although we have yet to hear from the radio station, the Columbus Dispatch issued an apology, stating that “it should not have been published.” We agree and are grateful for the unequivocal response. Would that WBNS follow suit.

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