Last year there was an ugly incident during the half-time festivities at the Fordham-Columbia football game. One of the students from Columbia’s band took the microphone and made some obscene comments about Catholic priests. It led to a meeting between William Donohue and Columbia University president Lee Bollinger. Donohue believed that such incidents would no longer occur. But he was wrong.

On October 25, there was a story by Sean McKeon on the Internet site of Massachusetts News called “Columbia College Band ‘Celebrates’ Partial Birth Abortion.” McKeon described what allegedly happened at the October 25 football game between Columbia and Dartmouth. Here is an excerpt from the story:

“Columbia’s ‘band’ was the first on the field at half time, beginning its show with the announcer for the band uttering some disparaging remarks about the right to die case in Florida and Jeb Bush. The announcer then introduced the Columbia half-time show by inviting the crowd to join the band in their ‘Celebration of partial-birth abortion;’ this was followed by some ranting against the Pope and what the announcer described as his (the Pope’s) ‘drooling and stuttering’ speech.”

Donohue wrote to Bollinger on November 10 saying, “If this is true, it is disturbing. And it obviously suggests a pattern that needs to be checked.” He awaits a reply.

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