Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on “Sex Week”:

Most couples will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner or some other engagement. On many colleges campuses, however, students will be learning the joy of beating each other up.

Valentine’s Day begins “Sex Week.” Students will be treated to an array of panel discussion groups, speakers, and assorted activities, the kind of fare that would bring cheers from the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey  Toobin, Bill Cosby and the Cuomo brothers.

The idea of “Sex Week” started, appropriately, with the Ivy League. Yale was the first to start this event in 2002, and it has been such a success that it has been adopted nationwide. It started with a rather banal litany of programs, focusing on sex safety and health. Now it features kink.

Princeton University got a jump on things when it held a “latex art contest” on January 31. Students were asked to make art out of “expired latex condoms.” That appears to be a smarter choice than using them.

According to the sexperts at the National Coalition for Sexual Health, checking the expiration date on condoms is critical. Users need to check for holes or tears, as well. “Once you open the condom, if it feels dry, has a foul odor or you see any holes,” advises Dr. Nerys Banfield, “you should throw it away and get a new one.” If you strike out, she says, there is always “mutual masturbation.”

By the way, it costs over $74,000 a year to go to Princeton.

If there is one school that holds the most celebrated “Sex Weeks” events, it is Ohio State University. It starts on Sunday, on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Students will learn that abstinence-only sex education has “a detrimental effect on youth.”

Does that mean that promiscuity is the answer? That’s too tame for these folks. On Valentine’s Day, Ohio State will feature a clinic on bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. They did not say whether this is a “bring your own whip” event.

“Trans affirming surgery” is the topic of discussion for February 15. The next day students will learn how to perfect their masturbatory skills. If that is too pedestrian, students can attend a session titled, “Explore the dangerous, yet fun side of sex called ‘Kink.'”

To show how progressive they are at Ohio State, on two days next week—Wednesday and Friday—they will hold an event, “Valentine’s for Abortion Providers.” This will give administrators, faculty and students an opportunity to thank doctors who kill unborn children for a living for their yeoman service.

It appears that those who are orchestrating these bloody events at Ohio State are not connecting the dots.

Last month, there were seven instances of rape or sexual assault reported on campus (no one knows how many went unreported). Five of these incidents took place in January; the other two occurred last year. Whether whips or chains were used they did not say.

A reporter from Newsweek wrote, “This brings the total number of reported sexual assaults at OSU to 77 in 2021, according to statistics from university police.”

Looks like the offenders, and some of their victims, would have benefited from one of those dreadful abstinence-only courses. Such is the state of morality these days on our college campuses.

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