John Leo broke the story but we felt it was necessary to follow up.  Here’s the bottom line: don’t send your kid to Tufts, Middlebury, Grinnell or Whitman.

All four colleges are now on record banning religious groups from denying leadership positions in student clubs to practicing homosexuals.  The radical gay agenda on college campuses is already out of control, but this kind of punitive methodology is new.  The goal, of course,  is to punish Christians, Jews and Muslims for holding religious beliefs that are inconsistent with the views of the high priests of political correctness.  But they can only win if we let them.

If you are an alumnus of these schools, we suggest you write to the chairman of the board of trustees telling him why you’re going to drop all future contributions.  Don’t bother writing to the presidents of these schools—they’re the ones who sponsor this kind of tyranny.

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