I just want to thank all those members who flooded Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig’s office with complaints about Ted Turner. Though I was persuaded by Mr. Selig that the Turner case is not strictly analogous to the Schott case (Turner, for example, never goes to any of the owner’s meetings—he does not own the Atlanta Braves—Time Warner does), I still feel it was important to register our concerns with the Commissioner’s office. There is no doubt in my mind that our message was heard loud and clear.

The fact that the investigation is still proceeding is a good sign. While it may be difficult to sanction Turner the way Marge Schott was, the threat of a letter of censure, or something to that effect, looms. Look at it this way, several years ago, we probably wouldn’t have gotten Turner’s initial apology. But now there are few who don’t take us seriously, and for this I have you to thank. Good going.

Bill Donohue

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