In late October, the Catholic League joined over 60 national organizations in signing a coalition letter addressed to every U.S. Senator requesting an immediate suspension of federal funding  for Planned Parenthood. At issue are allegations that the pro-abortion giant has violated federal and/or state laws on late-term abortions. Here is an excerpt of the letter:

“According to the 107-count complaint filed in Kansas’ Johnson County District Court last week, Planned Parenthood purposefully performed illegal late-term abortions in violation of Kansas State law and unlawfully falsified documents in order to conceal that fact. They are also accused of failing to comply with the required medical reporting guidelines.

“The complaint alleges 29 misdemeanor counts of performing ‘unlawful late-term abortions,’ 29 misdemeanor counts of ‘unlawful failure to determine viability for late-term abortions,’ 23 felony counts of ‘making false information,’ and 27 misdemeanor counts of ‘unlawful failure to maintain records.’

“Planned Parenthood operates around 860 facilities around the country, and there are approximately 40 states with laws banning late-term abortions. This illegal conduct may be happening all over the country.

“While Planned Parenthood claims that it does not perform late-term abortions after 22 weeks, the charges were reviewed by a Johnson County, Kansas district judge who found probable cause. These are substantive charges levied against Planned Parenthood. States have passed laws on late-term abortions because they are detrimental to women as well as babies. Women are often not informed that late-term abortions increase the likelihood of severe blood loss, damage to vital organs, later premature births and loss of fertility.

“We urge you to ensure that our tax dollars are not subsidizing abortion clinics that perform illegal late-term abortions.”

Please contact your senators about this important issue. Planned Parenthood has been getting away with deception and propaganda for decades. Now it appears it is also guilty of violating the law. It’s time it paid a price for doing so.

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