It started when we received two complaints regarding an unfortunate situation at Horace Greeley High School in the Chappaqua, New York Central School District (this is where the Clintons purchased a house). It ended with someone getting fired. Here’s what we were told:
      · A group of boys who play on the Greeley freshman lacrosse team were scheduled to go on a retreat in preparation for their Confirmation.
      · When they told the coach they would have to miss a weekend’s worth of practices and/or games, the coach allegedly told them, in front of the entire team, “Why, so you can be f—– by some priest?”
      We called the high school and asked to talk to the principal. She was very cooperative. She not only confirmed the story, she said that the school prides itself on instilling a strong moral ethic in the students and would not stand for inappropriate conduct of any kind. After the school investigated what happened and found that the allegations were true, the coach was immediately dismissed.
      We are delighted that the school acted so swiftly and responsibly.
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