The one exception to the respectful coverage of the death of John Cardinal O’Connor came from CNN.  One hour before the funeral Mass on May 8,  CNN interviewed three notables about the cardinal’s life.   Former New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato praised the cardinal for his work, drawing special attention to Cardinal O’Connor’s concern for the poor.  But viewers were introduced to Ann Northrup and Kelli Conlin.

Northrup is a radical lesbian activist who hates the Catholic Church.  She has fought, unsuccessfully, to have gays march under their own banner in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and was one of the fascists who broke into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1989 disrupting Mass.  Conlin is a radical pro-abortion activist who also hates the Church, though she is more discreet in her pronouncements.

Northrup had this to say about Cardinal O’Connor: “He was a bigot, and he was very aggressive about promoting bigotry.”  Translated this means that the cardinal was opposed to sodomy.

Conlin offered these remarks: “He was not willing to open his heart and his mind to understanding that those of us who held differing views who were Catholics, who were pro-choice, believed what we did because of our faith, and not in spite of it.”  Translated this means that the cardinal was opposed to child abuse in the womb.

CNN gave these two hate-filled women a platform not because they felt the need to “balance” the interviews, but because they like gay and abortion rights.  Proof: balance could have been achieved by finding some racist or anti-Semite who disagreed with the cardinal’s outreach to African Americans and Jews.  But that’s not the kind of message CNN wants broadcast.   What they like are comments which rip the cardinal for disagreeing with their politics.

Ted Turner, need we remind you, owns the cable network.  And you know what he’s like.

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