CNN did a report today on the unofficial opening of “Gay Street” in Rome; this is a section frequented by homosexuals. The network’s Rome bureau chief, Alessio Vinci, concluded his report by saying the following:

“In a country where practically everyone is Catholic, the words of the pope still carry some weight. And although the Vatican did not comment on the opening of Gay Street, the pope’s position is well-known: on numerous occasions, he reaffirmed that gays in the Catholic Church are not welcome.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“It’s nice to know that the pope still carries ‘some weight’ in a nation where nearly everyone was baptized in his church. What comes as a real surprise, however, is the revelation that the pope has a ‘position’ on homosexuality: all along I thought the pontiff merely accepted what the Catholic Church has always taught about the subject. And, of course, what the Church teaches is that homosexuals are, in fact, welcome. What is not welcome is homosexuality. Neither, for that matter, is adultery, though that hasn’t stopped the Church from welcoming heterosexuals.

“All of this may be confusing to the average reporter, but we have higher expectations for CNN’s Rome bureau chief. Surely there must be some Catholics there he can repair to for advice.”

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