The College Republicans at George Washington University stored crosses that were used at a pro-life event in their office that is shared with the school’s College Democrats. When they recently returned to their office, they found that a number of crosses had been desecrated.

One cross had a penis drawn on it and was covered with a condom; it was hung upside down from a sign in the College Democrats’ office. Another cross had the word Darwin scrawled on it and a third featured the words, “Take a condom,” with a wrapped condom attached to the bottom. The last desecrated cross showed a crudely drawn stick figure of Jesus.

The College Democrats issued an apology after investigating the desecrations; a member of the club confessed to the outrageous vandalism.

We wondered how something like this could happen in a day and age of “sensitivity” to others. Unless, of course, sensitivity training on the campuses doesn’t extend to us.

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