The Catholic League has written to the executive directors of the National League of Cities urging them to inform mayors and other municipal offices about the permissibility of erecting créches on public property during the Christmas season.  All fifty states were contacted.

“Every December,” we said, “the Catholic League erects a créche in New York City’s Central Park, and we do so without protest from any quarter, including civil libertarians; similarly, Jews erect a menorah and Muslims erect the Crescent and Star in the same area.  Because the park is not the seat of the municipal government, and because the displays are paid for by private organizations, there is no constitutional problem.”

We encourage the municipal officers to promoate religious and cultural diversity by having religious displays in towns and cities across their state.  Only those who are intolerant of the public expression of religious freedom would be inclined to disagree with us.

The Catholic League will not let this issue die.  There’s too much at stake.

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