In 1959, Cuba was declared an atheist state, but has since become more accommodating to the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI paved the way for Pope Francis’ engagement with the Communist regime, and it looks as though the progress will continue.

Two new Catholic churches are being built in Cuba: one in Havana and one in the province Pinar del Rio. It’s time the separation of church and state fanatics study the Cuban evolution and lighten up.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State was founded as an expressly anti-Catholic organization, Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The only thing that has really changed since the post-war period when it was launched is that it has become more polished in its bigotry. Freedom From Religion Foundation is another wild-eyed anti-Catholic group, and in many ways is even more extreme than Americans United.

If they can build Catholic churches in Cuba, the time has come to ask these Catholic-bashing entities to take their cues from the Communists: Catholics are not asking for funds to build their churches (though President Thomas Jefferson did provide monies for this initiative), but they are asking for such things as school vouchers. If the Castro brothers are not scared to death of public money servicing the Church, then these militant secularists ought to take a deep breath and move on. Ideally, they would go into retirement.

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