A spokesman for Chrysler-Plymouth said today that he was shocked that an ad for his company appeared in the New York market on the September 25 episode of the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred.”  He told Catholic League president William Donohue that the show was previewed by officials from his company this past summer and that a firm decision was made not to advertise on the show.  He is currently investigating how the unauthorized ad appeared on the New York affiliate of the network, WABC-TV.

This means that Chrysler-Plymouth is the fourteenth company to pull ads from “Nothing Sacred.”  The others are Isuzu, Weight Watchers, K-Mart, Benckiser, DuPont, Red Lobster, Ocean Spray, Sears, AT&T, Glaxo Wellcome, Ponderosa, Dunkin’ Donuts and Scott’s Liquid Gold.

William Donohue voiced his thoughts this way:

“The ad that appeared in New York was the kind of innocent mishap that plagues all organizations.  In no way does it reflect the intent of Chrysler-Plymouth.  Indeed, the spokesman for the company made it plain that officials at the Chrysler-Plymouth headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan would never give their okay to a show like ‘Nothing Sacred. ‘ Indeed, they did just the opposite after previewing it in New York this past summer.  That is why I wrote to him saying that Chrysler-Plymouth is a model of corporate responsibility.

“I couldn’t help but notice the large number of ads from ABC that appeared on last night’s ‘Nothing Sacred.’  It must be embarrassing for the network to have to subsidize its own work to such an extent.  To the question, ‘What if they made a show and nobody watched?’ it can now be said, ‘Not to worry, if it’s on ABC, Disney will bail them out. “

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