It never fails. Every Christmas we fight the same battles. Some are fought in the courts, while others are fought in our communities. The bigots want to eradicate Christmas.

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening already. A columnist for the Kansas City Star is angry that Christmas is starting too early for him. Muslim students in a Chicago suburb are complaining that Christmas celebrations are offensive. After the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said it would no longer produce the Hollywood Christmas Parade (which it had for 75 years), local officials said it would save the parade but would rename it the “Hollywood Santa Parade.”

The Feds have chimed in as well. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials have banned religious symbols that are associated with Christmas from HUD housing. Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee banned the nativity scene that has been there for years (it will be moved to private property). Sonoma City Council members voted to ban the crèche on its Plaza. Voters in a Detroit suburb decided against displaying a crèche at city hall. And in Fort Collins, Colorado, a city committee has recommended banning red and green lights at Christmas events.

In New York City, most politicians have refused to vote on a resolution allowing nativity scenes in the schools. Perversely, because of a tortuous court ruling, the Jewish and Islamic religious symbols are allowed. We continue to fight this issue.

Multicultural madness is on!

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