As this issue of Catalyst details, the annual Christmas war with secularists continued in 2006. The good news is that our side fought back with greater determination this past Christmas season than ever before. Our ad in the New York Times (see the November Catalyst), got us off to a quick start.

The Christmas war impacts everyone. Battles were waged in the schools, parks, malls and workplace. In many cases there was clear discrimination: menorahs were often allowed where manger scenes were prohibited. Christians are supposed to be satisfied with Christmas trees, so they say.

But unlike other years, the Catholic League was called upon more for leadership than actual combat. That’s because so many Catholics sought our advice and then took the fight to the secularists in their own backyard. This is precisely the kind of energy that has been lacking in the past.

Some of the skirmishes were over the usual stuff—workers being told not to offend anyone by saying “Merry Christmas”—and some of it was downright obscene. But whether it was political correctness or malice at work, the bottom line is that the secularists will stop at nothing in their quest for supremacy.

The Christmas wars will not be resolved until two things happen: the Supreme Court deals with this issue in a more forthright fashion than it has previously done, and Christians continue to fight back. There is so much confusion in court rulings in this area that many government officials and school superintendents opt to play it safe each year by prohibiting nativity scenes from being displayed.

      The Catholic League was happy to team up with Father Benedict Groeschel in 2006 by launching our “Christmas Watch” program. We are delighted that so many in the media cited our work in news stories. We made their jobs easier. Indeed, we received more coverage than any other organization.
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