A few weeks before Christmas, residents at a Newhall, California senior citizens’ apartment complex were told to remove their Christmas tree. The company in charge of the complex, JB Partners Group Inc., told staff at The Willows residence that the Christmas tree was a religious symbol and must be taken down.

Because this is a private venue, there was no role for government involvement. But there was a moral issue, and it needed to be addressed. The residents, including those who are not Christian, wanted the Christmas tree. Moreover, the tree is not a religious symbol.

We suggested that everyone on our e-mail list contact the tyrants who were attempting to shove their secular agenda down the throats of these senior citizens. We provided the e-mail address for the Human Resources department at JB Partners and, as usual, our members did not disappoint.

After our news release was issued, the company was bombarded with thousands of e-mails. The good news is that within hours of our news release, the senior citizens were told they could get their Christmas tree back.

Many thanks to all those who protested. It goes to show that while cable TV commentators may opine on the War on Christmas, it takes an organized effort by a national civil rights organization to bring about real change.

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