o-SCAREDBill Donohue says American Atheists President David Silverman is scared of Christmas:

Most atheists either celebrate Christmas in a secular fashion, or are wholly dismissive of it. Few are terrified of it. David Silverman is one of them. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what he recently said:

“Millions of American children are forced to go to church under the threat of being denied meals, losing household privileges, having their college tuition cut off, or being kicked out of their homes. Many atheists are forced to go to church under threat of divorce or lose custody of their children.”

In David’s imagination—he has no data—millions of children are given an ultimatum at Christmastime. Here’s how a Christian mom might put it:

“This is the final straw—I’m going nuclear. Go to church on Christmas Day you little heathens or starve. Here’s a reality check: If you don’t go goose-stepping off to church, you can walk the lousy dog and pick up his poop. Better tell your older siblings that if they don’t make it to church, the gravy train is over: no more tuition payments—they can join the unemployment line. And if any of you wise guys push me too far, you are out the door—see what it is like to live on the street with other homeless bums. As for your atheist father, if he doesn’t make it to church this year, I’m filing for divorce, charging him with child abuse. That way he’ll never see you brats again.”

Time for David to seek some counseling. I know of a great priest who….

Contact David: dsilverman@atheists.org

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